Dream of Color Coordination

Planning to stay awhile? Then feel free to pick and choose any colors and customizations you like. If you think you might be selling your home soon, it’s best to make sure you’re adding value with your remodel by creating an aesthetically pleasing finish. Even if you’re not selling, color coordination is key to any design process.

Design Tip: When remodeling your kitchen, remember that oppositions attract. If you like a dark finish on the cabinets, bring some light to the space by choosing a light color for your countertops (and vice versa). This gives a pop of color and adds dimension and drama to your kitchen, like this gorgeous kitchen here. The pantry upgrade is also a good choice, since many people are craving storage space. Plus, it’s a unique and beautiful addition to the kitchen.

Design Tip: Most people prefer a light and airy feel in the bathroom. This remodel that we did brought clean lines and light colors to this space, making it feel like you’re walking into a spa every morning. The cabinets and walls were kept simple with white and off-white colors, and the countertops were kept light and simple as well.

Remodeling can be quick and painless when you hire us. We even bring a crew to clean up after it’s all over, so all you need to do is sit back and relax, and enjoy your beautiful new home!


Morgan GrayComment